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Frightening Zozo Ouija Board Demon (The Complete Guide) | Whateven
Frightening Zozo Ouija Board Demon (The Complete Guide)

By: @CreepyStories


Zozo the Ouija board demon is one of the most frightening figures coming from the Ouija board. Zozo has the ability to possess and make you feel uneasy.

Before you start reading about who Zozo is and how to avoid him, it’s best to read our Ouija board rules article.

If you’re ready, let’s begin.


 Who is Zozo? 

Zozo eyes

It’s unclear who Zozo is or how he physically looks like, but one thing is clear; he is evil. Zozo actually traces some roots back to the early 1900’s when an article was published about the demon.

In the article, the character Brook Kenilworth has her soul taken by her husband named “Zozo.” In fact, a book by the name of Dictionnaire Infernal, is considered to be one of the first mentions of Zozo.

The book is about demonology and documents a case where Zozo appeared in a village named Teilly in 1816. It tells us that a girl was possessed by three demons. One of them was no other than Zozo. Coincidence?

Well let’s now dive a little bit deeper about who Zozo the Ouija board demon really is.

Zozo demon

The name, Zozo, is one name given to the demon, but he can be called by many other names. Some of the names include: Mama, Zaza, Oz, Zo, or Za.

For now, most people call him Zozo. Zozo is primarily referenced with the Ouija board, but he is known to have come out in other forms of spiritual communication.

He is a demon that many share creepy experiences with. Some of the experiences include, depression, bad luck, suicidal thoughts, and worse of all? Death.

Yes, this Ouija board demon is a serious threat when you come across him.

Ouija boards have provided a gateway for this demon to enter people’s lives, before it was only regular hypnosis. As the Ouija board sells, the power of the demon increases.


 Why is Zozo Ouija board demon evil? 


It’s unclear why Zozo is evil. Why he delights in frightening humans. Some believe he gets more powerful the more he scares and takes over people’s bodies.

Creepy enough, Zozo doesn’t even need to take over your body to have you under his control. He may just inflict depression and bad luck on to you and soon your life will change forever.


 Can I avoid Zozo? 


Avoiding him is difficult if you are using the Ouija board or any type of spiritual communication like speaking to spirits. He can come out at anytime and there is no way of stopping him.

If you do come into contact with him or any spirit, read our Questions not to ask Ouija board article.

It’s fairly rare to have Zozo appear, but you may be in contact with other spirits, demons, or ghosts. You have to always prepare for the worst when using the Ouija board.

People have come in contact with Zozo by just repeating his name. While very rare, why run the risk of having your life taken away by an evil spirit like Zozo?


 How will I know Zozo is with me? 

Ouija board demon

There are many signs you may have come into contact with Zozo. The first and obvious sign is if he starts spelling his name:


However, he doesn’t really need to spell out Zozo, he can spell out his other names as mentioned previously in the article.

Another sign, this one very freaky is that shadows in the room will start moving. You will feel this sensation as the room you’re sitting in gets darker and darker. Zozo is stepping on to the stage and is about to take his first victim like in this video:

A third sign is that the planchette (The triangle piece) will start moving rapidly in figure 8 movements. It might even start going side to side in rainbow movements.

The final sign is that you feel very uneasy and nauseous. Thoughts of depression may start to dwindle in your mind and even suicidal thoughts.

Your electronic devices like smartphones or laptops may start to go crazy. Your laptop may start to flicker, and other devices start to make static noises. Here is a story on Zozo’s first encounter with a group of friends:

First experience with a OUIJA board, and meeting Zozo


 Zozo is with me, what do I do? 

Ouija board Zozo

If you feel like the signs are true, then you may indeed have come in contact with Zozo. Don’t panic or fret though. Zozo can use your sense of distress to his advantage and try to take control over you.

Also, if he starts to write his name, do NOT say his name. Saying his name out loud gives him power. Remember, you don’t have to use the Ouija board to summon Zozo. He can also be summoned by his name.

One of the best ways to not mess around with Zozo if you do come in contact with him is to close the Ouija board. Close the Ouija board formally, meaning take the planchette and move it to goodbye.

It will inform Zozo that you do not want to communicate with him anymore. Afterwards, if everything goes smoothly, try to dispose of the Ouija board properly. Do NOT throw it away. You can read more about Ouija board rules here.

If you still feel that Zozo’s influence is around you, it would be best to start cleaning your home, specifically, the place where you used the Ouija board. It might give you a peace of mind. If you are religious, try to recite prayers or wash yourself with Holy water.


 Zozo won’t leave! 

Devil Ouija board

Now you might still be using the Ouija board and want Zozo to leave so you can talk to another spirit, but the chances of that happening are zero. Once summoned, he won’t leave until you say goodbye.

Even that alone is hard to stop Zozo. You might notice your power going out and back on and even creepier, a shadow lurking behind yours, following your every step.

Zozo can be a very stubborn demon, so you might even notice your luck going from good to bad and angry thoughts swelling up in your head.

If your life literally becomes a living nightmare, try to seek spiritual help from a priest or any religious person. He/she will try to rid you of the demon and make your life at peace again.




There you have it. A full-on guide on who Zozo, the Ouija board demon, is and how to handle him if you find yourself cornered with his evil intentions.

You may think Zozo is just a myth, and he may be. However, many people have experienced the power of Zozo. You may dare to play with the Ouija board and uncover Zozo, but what if he is in fact real? It's a gamble.

The Nerdist explains the pyschology behind the Ouija board and why many people experience the same demon. The article goes into detail about how it is just our mind perceiving a made up threat. 

If it is, then our mind is one powerful machine that can display a vivid reality of something that does not exist.


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