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Why Is Car Servicing Important? | Whateven
Why Is Car Servicing Important?

By: @katewestall


People all over the world consider the car as an important possession after own house. With so many makes and models in the car segment, making their way into the market invites the need for regular care and maintenance. Similar to a house, a car also needs regular service and maintenance. You cannot imagine your car to be in fresh condition throughout life until you decide to go for regular servicing of the car. It involves different works like checking the oil in the engine, inspecting the functioning of an electrical circuit, brake check, wheel alignment, tire retreading or checks, etc. This small mechanical adventure is a hub for so many parts that can undergo wear and tear after prolonged usage. In fact, the manufacturing companies also advise car servicing after it has been driven for a certain number of miles. So, now shift your focus on car servicing and why it is so important for your vehicle. Let's explore this in detail now.

Car service and its importance

There are several advantages that come with Car Servicing and here are a few of them:

1. Fuel efficacy- This is something that every car owner looks for, but  a car that is not serviced periodically  is not only difficult to drive but at the same time, it also makes it difficult for the engine to run efficiently, in such a scenario, the vehicle consumes more fuel to run, this further impacts you fuel cost. To save all of this, you must take your car for regular service. It ensures that the engine and other parts of the car function optimally and are not consuming extra fuel.

2. Keeps the driving safe- If you are driving a car, safety is something that you would not want to comprise. Imagine the failure in wheel alignment or the engine suddenly stops working, or malfunctioning of brake pads, all these are nightmarish for the driver and the co-passengers. To avoid all these hassles, it becomes important that you must take your car's regular car service. It involves a thorough check of the car, which includes even the minutest of details. Moreover, servicing of the car will ensure that every part of the car is functioning properly and there is no fault in it, thus ensuring the safety of the people in the car.

3. Insurance claims become easier- Car insurance is a must, but did you know that a car which is well-maintained and goes for regular car service enjoys quick claim settlement in the event of an accident. It creates a sense of goodwill on the insurance companies. Most of the insurance companies would check the logbook and maintenance records before processing the insurance claim. Insurance companies will view the improper maintenance of cars seriously and levy loading.

4. Increases the resale value of the car- Another benefit of regular car servicing is that it helps in enhancing the resale value of the car. A well-maintained car will definitely draw more value and money than the one which is not. Hence, you must ensure that it goes for regular maintenance and the entry is fed in the logbook. While selling the car, you can show the logbook to the buyer to get the right value for your car.

How many times should you take the car for servicing?

Well, it depends on the performance level of your car. If the car is new, then you should take it for annual car servicing, or if it old one, then it needs frequent servicing. Make sure that you find out a good car servicing technicians or firms that are operating from your location which swill guarantee a quality inspection and rectification of the problem if there are any. It's important that they are certified and licensed to perform vehicle servicing.

With a bit of caution and carefulness, you can enhance the life of your car.


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