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10 Extremely Weird Religions | Whateven
10 Extremely Weird Religions

By: @SocietyBuzz

#10 The Church of Google

Church of Google

They believe that Google has more proof of its divinity than any other traditional god. There are nine proofs that they have listed explaining why Googlism is the mighty religion of today.


#9 Prince Philip Movement

Prince Phillip movement

It was said that Prince Philip would return to them and he did. In 1974, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II made an official visit to the island people. This strengthened the beliefs of the Yaohnanen tribe that Prince Philip was indeed their god.


#8 The Creativity Movement

The Creativity Movement

Oh, and you're anti-Semitic and anti-Christian. Then these "Creationists" want you in their "Church." They are known to plan murders against federal heads. That's the reason why the Church's Creator-leader (Matthew F. Hale) got arrested. He was planning to murder a federal judge.


#7 Jediism


They combine movie elements and spiritual like beliefs similar to Taoism. If you want to follower their code of conduct, you can read their book called 'The 16 Teachings of the Jedi' available online.


#6 Church Of Euthanasia

Church of Euthanasia

This group, however, does not support murder. They have one commandment though, "Thou shalt not procreate" - meaning don't have sex with intentions of having a child.


#5 Nation Of Yahweh

Nation of Yahweh

The majority of people who believe in this religion are African Americans. Ever since it's been founded, the group has faced many accusations of being a black supremacist cult.


#4 Universe People

Universe People

Ashtar uses his powers to transport good and loyal followers to another dimension. The aliens that orbit the Earth have fleets of ships. Wonder if NASA saw them yet?


#3 Vampirism


Active vampires feed on human or animal blood, while psychic vampires indulge on a person's aurora.


#2 Raelism


The aliens told Claude that humans were created in an alien lab 25,000 years ago, aliens will be dropping a visit to Jerusalem in 2025, and that Claude is the messenger. They have about 30,000 followers.


#1 Happy Science

Happy Science

This religion was founded in 1986 and they also believe that North Korea and China are planning to attack Japan with their nuclear weapons. So if you want others to be happy and follow their same beliefs, then you might as well be a follower of Happy Science!


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