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Ultimate Guideline To Safety Accessories When Operating A Forklift | Whateven
Ultimate Guideline To Safety Accessories When Operating A Forklift

By: @David_Neeble


Occupational health and safety is a big priority when handling tasks involving using a forklift in a warehouse. This requires knowing the appropriate safety accessories that offer the highest standards of safety. The ideal safety accessories limit chances of accidents that might lead to considerable damage and collisions between pedestrians and forklifts. Take a look at some of the safety accessories that are necessary when operating a forklift.

Forklift pre-start checklist

A forklift pre-start check-list is an essential safety accessory. However, these differ according to forklift model. Keep in mind forklifts use either an electric or combustion engine. Therefore, you have to ensure that your operators have the appropriate checklist book. The checklist guides operators through essential safety checks for safe forklift operation necessary when beginning every shift.

The checklist requires documenting any potential problems or faults for referral to the fleet manager or the owner. This allows undertaking necessary repairs or replacements. Another necessary checklist task is recording daily forklift performance and faults. This allows undertaking proactive maintenance to counteract unit performance that might develop over time. Keeping your staff well informed when it comes to their safety and keeping the forklifts in good shape limits chances of accidents and injuries.

Safety LED lights

Safety of pedestrians is very important in a warehouse with shared pathways. Forklifts might come with standard lights but it pays to invest in forklift safety light supplies. These might include blue LED light which is a great safety accessory for enhancing the visibility of approaching forklifts to pedestrians. The light strove emits a large spotlight ahead or behind the forklift. This alerts people coming from the same direction or those coming from behind about the approaching forklift. Other operators and pedestrians can give way or stop to avoid collision.

Blue light warns the operator in various situations including approaching a blind corner and when entering or getting out of a container, storage facility, or trainer. Fortunately, the budget-friendly lights are made to use low energy and easy to install on any forklift model. With these, there is no excuse why not to install LED lights to enhance safety and visibility when operating a forklift.

Safety stickers

You can also enhance safety of forklift operators and workers working in your warehouse by using visual warnings. This requires placing stickers in strategic locations offering instant safety advice to whoever sees them. It is easy to find a supplier of forklift safety decals with various warning messages including danger, warning, and taking responsibility.

Luckily, these stickers can be placed anywhere including on machinery to offer instant visual information to everyone. Using stickers is one of the most cost-effective solutions to enhance safety in your warehouse.

360-degree cameras

It is a bit difficult for a forklift operator to look upwards while seated and make a correct judgment regarding movement and positioning when lifting a load above 6 meters high. There is a likelihood of causing considerable damage to goods or equipment. In the worst-case scenario, the operator might get injured from collapsing goods. Avoiding this requires investing in a special 360-degree camera.

This allows the operator to realize where the tires are positioned exactly for high racking. A 360-degree surround-view camera to monitor the surrounding is a good investment. The surround-view of the camera allows being aware of the surroundings to prevent damaging goods and infrastructure. It also limits collision with pedestrians and mobile equipment. A 360-degree camera offers surround-view resulting from stitching images 4 angles obtained by cameras mounted at the back, front, left, and right side.

Safety cages

Another safety accessory to consider in your warehouse is the safety cage and work platform. This allows maximization of vertical storage space and the floor safely. The cage makes it easy to retrieve and lift loads from vertical heights easily. This opens up new storage space for the operators when the floor is used up. Using the cages and platforms appropriately ensures superior safety. It eliminates the need to use ladders and purchasing expensive cherry pickers.

Safety cages allow workers to attach themselves safely using harnesses when working at elevated heights. It is a good idea to find a reputable supplier of quality safety cages to offer safety to employees working at elevated heights, this allows optimal utilization of storage space in your warehouse. It is cheaper to invest in safety cages compared to renting additional storage space elsewhere.

Wrapping up

Employee safety is a very important consideration for business owners. Understanding and enforcing safety precautions regarding operating forklifts in your warehouse is very important. This requires putting in place strategies like installing safety LED lights and investing in 360-degree camera systems. You will always have peace of mind that your operators and other employees are safe. Safety precautions also limit chances of accidents that might cause considerable damage to goods and infrastructure.


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