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Top SEO Trends That Every Business Owner Should Know | Whateven
Top SEO Trends That Every Business Owner Should Know

By: @David_Neeble


As an online business owner who is keen on maintaining an edge over your peers, you need to keep abreast with the latest industry developments. Better yet, you can employ the services of the best SEO Company in Abu Dhabi and let them handle the technicalities for you.

If there is one thing that many business people struggle with is the ability to keep tabs with the latest inventions in their industry. With so many things to deal with – from board meetings to managing inventory and staff to running the business and everything in between – it can be hard to keep tabs with SEO trends. Unfortunately, these trends determine how a site will rank on search engine results, and consequently, the amount of business that a company will have.

Smart business people hire the best SEO Company in Abu Dhabi to free up their time so they can focus on what matters – running their business. You can do that too. But still, it is essential to be on the loop regarding what's happening in the SEO industry. This will not only guide you in picking the right SEO company but will also help you in your decision-making process. To help point you in the right direction, here are some top SEO trends that you should know.

Voice search is on the rise

Voice search has been around for more than a decade, though it has been more of a novelty than a feature. But today, users are relying on speech query to find information online, thanks to the enhancements in the technology. Recent studies indicate that 41% of adults are using voice recognition one or more times in a day. Projections also show that by 2020, more than 50% of all internet queries will be voice searches. And as this tech continues to improve and enhance connected devices, identifying the latest developments will be vital to understanding how speech query will continue to change user habits and how you can leverage unique voice queries and search patterns to serve your clients and prospects.

Mobile-first indexing

As the name suggests, mobile-first indexing is where Google uses the mobile version of your pages to index and rank your site. As of March 2018, Google began the process of shifting sites to a mobile-first index. Note that this index doesn't mean "mobile-only." Google still indexes the desktop version, only that it will be using mobile versions first for ranking once the website is migrated. Since the mobile version will be primary for ranking, the importance of ensuring your site is responsive can never be overemphasized.

On-page optimization

Link-building has and will continue to be a critical aspect of ranking. But today, you will need to pay more attention to your on-page factors. With massive changes coming to the search landscape, you will need to respond with urgency if you want to maintain your position in search results. As sites get faster and more responsive, people are getting more distracted easily. So much so that they won't waste any second on a site that takes more than three seconds to load or a website that's hard to navigate. So, it's in your interest to ensure that your site is user-friendly and that it loads in less than three seconds.

Content is king

Content has been at the forefront of SEO trends for a while now. And guess what, it will continue to be a significant factor for SEO. Google's search algorithm uses content quality to rank pages. You will also need content to attract traffic to your site – not to mention the shares and links. As a business person, you have to ensure that you provide not just content but highly researched, well-formatted, and very informative content that will add value to your audience. It is even better when the content is longer than what your competitors are offering. And if you think about it, when someone finds a solution to their problem in your content, they are bound to come back or even refer a friend. That's how you command a following and build your brand.

Go beyond Google search

Google is hands down the number one search engine, accounting for more than 63% of the global market share. So, you obviously want to rank higher on Google. But don't just stop there. Clients and prospects are all over the internet – and that's where you want to hang out. If your prospects are looking for apps, you want to show up in app stores. And if they are looking for videos and podcast, you also want to rank in videos and podcasts search engines. Otherwise, you will end up losing these people to your peers. Just so you know, industry leaders are becoming multi-faceted. In addition to their websites, they are also adding apps, videos, podcasts, and so on to their campaigns. You should too.


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