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Top Employee Recognition And Appreciation Ideas To Boost Morale | Whateven
Top Employee Recognition And Appreciation Ideas To Boost Morale

By: @robertjohnson

In today’s ultra-competitive work environment, satisfied and happy employees are the heart of any business. Employees who have a personal rapport with management are more likely to get noticed and perform well. They not only bring positivity to the workplace but also increase sales and the company’s profit. Recognize the best-trained and most skilled staff by using these appreciation ideas and acknowledge them for their exemplary performance. Reinforce their practices, behaviors, and activities to ensure a better performance and positive results for your business.

1. Annual Review Awards

As an employer, you should appreciate your employees through rewards and recognition. Hold performance reviews and pick top performers in respective departments and divisions. It’s good to identify under-performers, that way you can offer them necessary training for improvement. Arrange regular one-on-one meetings to prevent miscommunications and keep everyone engaged so the workforce as a whole can achieve maximum results.

2. Wall of Fame

Another way to recognize creative employees is through an employee recognition wall. Display pictures of your employees and highlight their outstanding contributions on a dedicated big screen in the hallway or the entrance of your office. This is a new way of celebrating success in the workplace and people are loving it. Because this is a popular way to showcase the accomplishments of employees, it not only helps spread good cheer within the office but also helps bring a dose of positivity to employees at the start of each day.

3. Express Your Gratitude on Social Media

Highlight special occasions, such as birthdays, promotions, and service anniversaries, on your official social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Include pictures of employees and mention their contributions; you could share an interesting fact that others may not know about them too. Take candid shots of employees working hard on their projects and post them on your social media wall to surprise them. Use your company’s official page to recognize and congratulate employees for achieving top results. Encourage all your employees to be engaged with your organization’s social media platforms, that way you can improve the effectiveness of the recognition program.

4. Recognition in Front of Peers

How do you motivate your employees and keep them passionate? Increase employee engagement by applauding top performers for their achievements in front of their colleagues. Recognize them in a company meeting or highlight their achievements in your daily newsletter. Gestures like these excite employees to work harder and motivate them to bring out their hidden talents. Employees will go the extra mile and be more productive in order to show meaningful loyalty to the organization. You can offer rewards that come in all shapes and sizes. Rewards can be tangible, like desk items, backpacks, healthcare kits, gadgets, USB business cards, and chocolates, or intangible, like offering extra time off, free sign up for a business class, vacations, movie tickets, etc.

5. Certificate of Achievement

A professional certificate of achievement can impact an employee in many ways. The certification can also help you in terms of employee performance reviews and promotions. Certificates are also considered to be a bonus during salary hikes. Offering certificates can lead to happier employees who stay for a long period. Certificates give your employees greater confidence to take good care of your clients’ projects. Certified employees work more efficiently than other colleagues. Certified employees strengthen company culture and enhance the organization’s vision, mission, and goals.

There are countless other ways to appreciate your employees, such as offering a bonus, giving out treats, awarding extra time off, giving holiday rewards, and providing financial incentives. However, it all begins with a good company culture. Adopt these methods so you can put employee recognition into action. It’s important to appreciate top performers, for doing so solidifies both staff engagement and continuous employee development.


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