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Top Cleaning Tips For A Home Bowling Alley | Whateven
Top Cleaning Tips For A Home Bowling Alley

By: @robertjohnson


People often think that a home bowling alley should stay relatively clean if it is used sparingly, but then complain about equipment quality when the bowling balls stop gliding with the speed they did when the alley was new. If your bowling alley is part of a community center or multifamily clubhouse, and it’s used by no less than a dozen people on a daily basis, then cleaning the alley regularly is important, for failing to do so can affect player performance. Here are some simple tips for addressing bowling alley cleaning issues:

a. Cleaning the bowling balls – Deep clean the bowling balls with warm water and dishwashing foam to kill germs that cling to their surfaces. Remember to close the finger holes with waterproof tape before dipping them. Take a large bucket of hot water, mixed with dishwashing foam, and let the balls soak in it for ten to fifteen minutes. Scrub them clean with a light brush to remove stains and grime. Pat dry and you’re good to go.

b. Maintaining bowling shoes – The trick to keeping your bowling alley clean is to enforce a rule that only bowling shoes can be worn; these shoes are kept in racks at the entrance. Follow a weekly cleaning routine and use a dusting brush when cleaning off the shoes.

c. Cleaning common areas – Personal bowling alleys are likely to stay cleaner, and for longer, than public alleys, but they too need their common areas cleaned regularly. Common areas are spaces where people usually lounge around, often with snacks and drinks, while waiting for their turn. Others use these areas to watch the games unfold, so one is likely to find leftover food and debris in these areas.

d. Cleaning equipment – Regardless of the size and cost of your bowling alley, ensure that all equipment, like balls, bowling pins, and lanes, are free of dirt and grime by dusting regularly. To take extra care of the bowling pins, have a monthly maintenance schedule where you clean them with steel wool, for this will ensure the pins are free of splinters and dust.

e. Maintaining bowling alleys – Dust is likely to accumulate in all bowling alleys, public or private. Regular dusting of areas, like rails, approaches, gutters, and caps, will keep alleys in ideal condition and players happy.

f. Maintaining Lanes – Regardless of the length, width, and usage of your bowling lanes, they need to be conditioned daily to remain ideal for play. If you don’t have time for daily manual conditioning of the bowling lanes, then use the machine which was recommended by the company that set up the equipment.

A home bowling alley costs just as much as one that’s in a club or resort, so treat it like an investment: clean it regularly so it can be enjoyed by at least a couple generations of your family.


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