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Top 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories | Whateven
Top 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

By: @StrangeBuzz

JFK assassination

When we don’t see something with our own eyes, we begin having doubt. Even though footage and proof is shown to us, we just can’t be 100% sure. If you’re one of those people that likes to question everything, then some of these won’t be conspiracy theories to you, but actual facts.


Subliminal advertising

#7 Subliminal Advertising Theory

Known as an implicit form of brain control, subliminal advertising is a theory that suggests governments and companies are out to manipulate us. It implies that higher entities want us to think and do what they want by putting various elements to capture our control.

Hidden messages in the background, certain music, words, phrases, and other various types of media could capture our senses and give control to the elites. This is a very popular theory and dates back to 1957.


#6 The Moon Landing Theory

During the Cold War, the United States and Russia competed to be the dominant super power. Both nations wanted to advance and compete for technological superiority. The United States then set to the moon in 1969, but that’s where theorists disagree.

They believe that the U.S never landed on the moon and it was all staged. The U.S government advised NASA to fake the moon landing to show Russia that it was the dominant super power alone. Even though NASA and many scientists debunked this theory, many people today believe the U.S never landed on the moon.


#5 The Reptilian Elite Theory

The president, Oscar winning actors and actresses, CEO’s of multinational companies, and other elites are reptilian creatures trying to enslave mankind…or so the theory suggests. Theorists believe that these elites can change into human beings to disguise themselves from us. Their plans are to take over the world and they’re also responsible for many tragic events like 9/11 and the holocaust.

This hasn’t been happening now, but theorists say since cavemen times. Even though the allotted time period we’ve lived with these reptilians is massive, their various attempts to enslave us has taken a while. Many people still believe in this popular theory, but do you?


#4 9/11 Conspiracy

Ever since the two American Airlines’ planes hit the Twin Towers, theorists have been jumping left and right. This theory is so famous that it’s the most researched conspiracy theory on the Internet. What is it exactly? Many people believe that the government committed the injustice that fell on 9/11.

They argue that the government wanted to give Americans reason to infiltrate the Middle East. Others believe that the Bush administration had knowledge prior the attacks. A well-known saying that went viral on the Internet was “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams,” one of the key evidence to show that 9/11 was just a conspiracy.


#3 Chemtrails Theory

Ever wonder what that trail of vapor smoke coming out of an airplane’s exhaust is? It’s a chemical that is sprayed from 30,000 feet to the ground by the government to keep us under control…well that’s what theorists suggest. The name chemtrail is short for chemical trail, but what does the chemical do?

Some people think that the chemical is for the government to control us. For us to not revolt and to keep us in order. So whenever you see the exhaust of an airplane leave a white trail, think about this theory. Would you believe it?


#2 Cancer Cure Theory

This is a very popular theory. Many people think that there is a cure for cancer, but it is being held by pharmaceutical companies. Why? They believe that these companies wouldn’t profit much off of just a cure. Instead, giving the patient multiple treatments and chemo pills is more profitable. Why cure the patient in a day, when you can profit from him/her for many years?

Other people believe that Hemp oil from marijuana plants is the cure for cancer, but the government banned the medical use of marijuana for a reason. That reason is to keep the secret away. Even though this is just a theory, many people who are diagnosed with this dreadful illness are taking side with it.


#1 Oil Abundance Theory

We need oil to accomplish many tasks in life, but oil keeps on rising as it keeps getting scarcer. Is it though? Many theorists believe it’s not scarce at all. They believe big oil companies are hiding all the oil so they can provide an illusion of it being scarce.

Why do that though? Their main incentive is to have a reason to increase oil prices. Even though oil is bought on a supply and demand market, theorists believe supply isn’t the problem at all. Next time you pump gas in your car, think about whether or not you’d believe this theory.


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