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7 Questions Not To Ask Ouija Board (Complete Guide) | Whateven
7 Questions Not To Ask Ouija Board (Complete Guide)

By: @CreepyStories

The Ouija board is a fun and creepy party toy that’s been around since 1890. Who invented the Ouija board though? It wasn’t an alien from outer space that’s for sure!

The Ouija board was introduced by businessman Elijah Bond and ever since then it’s been spooking us for ages. In this article, we’ve listed out questions not to ask Ouija board or else it’ll turn spooky.


 1. When will I die? 

Ouija board death

Imagine this. You are with friends and family and you try to ask this question. The Ouija board responds with next week.

How will you react? It would make me stay inside my house all week and never go out until that week is over.

If I’m alive! Just one of the questions not to ask Ouija board, seriously! It’s not worth being paranoid for the rest of your life.

 2. Are there any spirits with us? 

Questions not to ask Ouija board

Okay this is one question you can ask the Ouija board, BUT be cautious! Don’t ever ask “Are you an evil spirit?” right after.

There’s an article where some friends asked if there were any spirits and then followed up with whether the spirit was evil.

The outcome was spooky. The spirit said it was evil and later confessed that it wanted to hurt one of the friends.

Later the spirit that was with them later revealed what he/she truly wanted. It started spelling out a sinister message:

 J.O. I. N. M. E. I. N. H. E. L. L. 

You can read more about this story here: Ouija board spelled join me in hell


 3. How did you die? 

Ouija board grave

No one likes to die and spirits would rather not reminisce their death. If they tell you about how they died, then you might see a lot of negative energy coming from them.

One of the most important Ouija board rules is to never entice a spirit because you never know what will happen next. Read more about Ouija board rules!

 4. Are you going to kill me? 

Ouija board demon

If you are in contact with a spirit, then you want to leave them after your little curious fun is over.

Asking a spirit this question might be disrespectful to the spirit and they might stay longer than you’d like them to.

People have reported that even after using Ouija board the spirits still followed them. If anything, you don’t want to give them any thoughts as to why they should stay. Avoid at all costs!


 5. Is God real? 

Ouija board church

Is God real? Are you in heaven? Did you believe in God? Are some series of questions not to ask Ouija board because the spirits behind the board might have a say in how they feel about God.

Imagine if the spirit is evil and you ask them about God, what do you think might happen? It’s best to leave that conversation out when communicating with a Spirit.


 6. Will you hurt me? 

Ouija board devil

If the response to that question was yes, won’t you freak out? I wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night if that happened.

There have been some encounters with spirits where the spirit went overboard and actually caused scratches or marks to the audience members.

 7. Are you a demon? 

If it is a demon you are talking to, then what makes you think that demon is going to answer truthfully? The demon will lie and try to make you its friend until it’s too late and you’re attached to it.

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Afterwards, the demon will try to control you and won’t leave you until they had their fair share of fun.

It’s crazy, but sometimes these demons actually go inside you and take control. It’s why exorcisms exist and another question not to ask Ouija board.


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