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Terrifying Ouija Board Rules (The Complete List) | Whateven
Terrifying Ouija Board Rules (The Complete List)

By: @CreepyStories

Just bought an Ouija board? Great! Beware though, sometimes it’s not a game, but a gateway to spirits and demons! Are Ouija boards dangerous? The Ouija board itself is not, but how you communicate through it might be.

We’ll list some Ouija board rules that you should follow to make this an educational experience rather than a nightmare!


Don’ts of Ouija board rules

 1. Feeling sick? 


You should never use the Ouija board if you don’t feel good. Anything from a bad stomach to feeling stressed could potentially end up for the worst.

For example, imagine you had a sore throat and you were talking to an evil spirit. The demon will take advantage of that and you could potentially be vulnerable enough for a demon to infiltrate your life.


 2. Leaving the Ouija board planchette 


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The Ouija board planchette is the triangle piece of the board use to spell words out for the muted spirit. Do not Leave the planchette alone on an Ouija board when it is not in use!

Imagine going to get some water and when you get back the spirit is trying to spell their own words. What if it’s a spell to inflict damage on your life? Don’t take the risk and don’t ever forget. Seriously!

A YouTuber tried leaving the planchette on the wooden board and this happened:


 3. Burn the Ouija Board 

Burned Ouija board

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Done with the Ouija board? Demon infiltrated your life? Whatever it might be, just don’t ever burn the Ouija board.

This is one of the most important don’t of Ouija board rules!

If you do burn the board, then be prepared to experience bad luck all the time.

Burning an Ouija board is just like not saying goodbye to a spirit. Somehow, the Ouija board will end up back to you again. Either as a present or some other way.

The demon you thought you could avoid? Well, he/she will find a way back to you. Just like an angry ex if you ghost them. Except this angry ex has demonic powers.


 4. Asking if the spirit is evil 


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You have a feeling that this spirit is evil or you’re just curious to know. Either way, asking if the spirit is evil or not is a BAD idea.

The spirit could just lie to you and try to convince you that they’re good until it’s too late.

They might be good, but that question might offend them and thus they’ll try to be rude to you. Just like a person, you have to realize they were once people too.

You can read all the questions you should ask here: 

Questions you shouldn’t ask Ouija board.


 5. Upsetting the spirits 

Zozo demon

Like we said before, spirits might have been people in the past. They are taking their time to talk to you.

Remember, they don’t have to talk to you. Don’t ever upset a spirit, They always have the upper hand in the situation.

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You don’t know what kind of supernatural powers they possess, and you don’t really want to see them.

You might not be talking to grandma; it might be a very evil spirit looking to haunt you for the rest of your life.


 6. Using the Ouija board in your home 

Ouija board painting

Let’s say you’re using the Ouija board in your home. You get comfortable with the spirit you’re talking to and now they think it’s okay for them to be inside your house?

You’ve welcomed them enough and now one true question remains. How would you get them out? Exactly. Anytime you are using the Ouija board, take it as far away from your house as possible.

You don’t want that was-nice spirit to turn out to be a demon.


 7. Treating it like a game 

Ouija board game

When you’re using the Ouija board you might think it’s a game, but you never know what might happen. Vox came out with an article stating how Ouija boards really work:

How Ouija boards work -- Debunked

If this is the case, then why does everyone have such vivid experiences? Either way, game or not, why would you risk it. It’s been well known that the Ouija board is a gateway to the spirit world.

You don’t know what you might encounter. Always hope for the best and have another person with you.


Do’s of Ouija board rules


1. Play the game with at least one other person. If anything happens, you’ll have someone else to accompany you.

2. One of the most important Ouija board rule is to ALWAYS say goodbye after you’re done talking to a spirit! If you don’t, then they might think they have permission to follow you wherever you go. The board is still active until you say goodbye.

3. Show respect to every spirit you come across.

4. Play in a place that’s not spooky. You’re already playing a scary game and it’s best to not play in your basement.

5. Start to use the board with positive energy. Demons don’t like positive energy and that way it’s a less likely chance you’ll encounter one if you start off being happy.

6. Turn off all electronics, including cameras! This Ouija board rule protects the spirits from feeling uncomfortable and it will make them less likely to leave.

7. Get away from all distractions and noise. Spirits like to communicate in peace and if you have your smartphone out and Tweeting then the spirit may get mad.



The Ouija board is a very mysterious device and it can be fun talking to departed spirits, but you should always follow these Ouija board rules so nothing spooky happens.

Don’t let these Ouija board rules spook you out though! If you follow them, then you shouldn’t have a problem and your experience should be one to remember!


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