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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance- Should You Get It Or Not? | Whateven
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance- Should You Get It Or Not?

By: @DaisyAndrew


Although mechanical breakdown insurance is optional but it can prove to be a lifesaver for cutting cost of automobile maintenance. MBI is meant to cover all the mechanical defects internal or external including body and spare parts that are not caused by an accident. The best need of this insurance comes to play when the manufacturer warranty expires and there comes a threat of facing huge repair and service bills, unless you have a MBI protection. People spend much over liability insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance cover even lease gap insurance cover but there are few to take a wise decision for Progressive car repair insurance as an option. Since, this type of insurance only covers the damage to vehicle that is not related to accidents, but here we forget what after the warranty expire. What if when your car or vehicle is got hit standing! You go for mechanical repair and there get a huge bill, but if you have MBI, you can sigh of relief. 

What is MBI used for and how does it work?

  • It covers major failures in car excluded from basic car insurance.
  • Malfunctions like bad brake, transmission issue, electrical system failure; MBI covers the repair to get all issues fixed. 
  • Progressive car repair insurance is a third party plan, which cuts the costs if the car is repaired from a licensed repair shop. Progressive car repair prohibits from getting roadside assistance.
  • It offers car insurance even for old cars and high mileage cars but this comes with high premium policy. 
  • Through getting particular plan you can save your bucks from unnecessary repair and let the company pay for repair parts. 
  • File a claim when you have any car related issue and the company will reimburse for the cost of repair. 
  • What MBI do not cover: damages caused by driver due to poor maintenance of vehicle, repair work due to accident or crash or collision. For this you need other insurance. 
  • There are different plans and can be chosen online before applying. 
  • MBI plans last longer than warranty (which is usually 3 years), but you have to buy MBI during warranty period to enjoy benefits in some cases. 
  • MBI may sound like extended warranty plan and is often mistaken for the same. But it is not the case. Extended warranty is paid up front but MBI has premiums that can be paid over time and can be dropped. 

Policies are different from different insurers and also may have different names for breakdown insurance cover. 

How much does mechanical breakdown insurance cost and is it really worth?

As compared to normal insurance covers, MBI doesn’t cost much, it is rather cheap in comparison. The insurance from providers like Rcarparts covers vary from car to car. There may be a special price limit of car over which you can opt for breakdown cover. Some cars like Tesla S model and Audi R8 may be excluded from the same insurance since, these cars are bit more expensive and so as their spare parts and body. So, for these specific reason these cars are not covered under MBI protection by many companies. MBI cost may start from $30 per year with a $ 250 deductible (Eg. Ford edge model)

MBI would be considered worth if the breakdown is exceeded the combined price of the plan and the deductible. So, for an average six year plan the cost must be greater than $700. For major breakdown the insurance holder can save and that gives a peace of mind that you owned MIB protection. 


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