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How To Know Whether To Go Ahead With Your App Idea Or Leave It? | Whateven
How To Know Whether To Go Ahead With Your App Idea Or Leave It?

By: @David_Neeble


Mobile application development in Dubai and around the globe is a growing trend. Most big businesses have mobile apps.

Mobile apps can help a lot with the success of your business. Mobile application development in Dubai is a booming market. Even small businesses and organizations have now developed mobile applications.

It is, therefore, a bright idea that your business should also have a mobile app, to ascertain this, there are three things that you should put into consideration.

Budget and Cost of the Mobile App

You have to make sure that you have the required resources in place to build and launch your app. Most app developers need a vast amount of resources to create a mobile application perfectly.

You should evaluate the costs of creating an app and plan appropriately towards the same. Different factors affect the amount of money you will need to create the app.

The first factor is the platform choice. Different mobile systems have different costs. For instance, the amount it will cost in creating an iOS application is not the same amount that will cost in creating an Android app. You should factor in these platform costs and choose to work with the most affordable.

API amounts or costs is the second factor that should dictate your budget. Third-party integration deals with social media, payment, and location integration. This kind of integration improves app performance and general user satisfaction. Having such type of integration can be costly. You should only work with affordable integration.

App complexities are the third budget factor that should be considered. If you want to increase the user experience, you should design your app in a way to fit their needs. This can be costly.

Localization is also another factor that you should consider in designing your application. An app that needs to be launched in several regions will cost more than an app that only needs to be launched in a single specific region. You should budget appropriately depending on what you want for as far as localization is concerned.

Factor in Other Resources

After considering the budget, you must put into consideration other resources. These resources include the cost of talent and time. A perfect app will require excellent and dedicated people to work on it, which is what top talent is all about. You should be prepared to meet all the costs that are associated with acquiring the best personnel to create your app. You should also evaluate whether you have enough time to create your app.

Validate Your App Ideas

There are two things that you should consider when evaluating your app ideas, first you have to assess the market availability and time. You should make sure that there are available customers who are willing to buy and use your app.

You should then do the risk assumption test to check on the viability of the app. You can do this by conducting research about the potential market and evaluating the feedback.

Wrap Up

After you have put all three factors into consideration, then it is time to get the app up and running and here’s how you can promote the app.

Carry Out an Email Marketing

Through email marketing, you send your subscribers with updates about the current development as far as the app is concerned. Those who are interested in your emails are most likely to become your first customers.

Create a Marketing Buzz on Social Media

Social media can be instrumental when it comes to creating hype and developing a strong fan base. This is what your app might require. You have to select social media platforms that your potential users find convenient to use. You then have to interact with them through these platforms.

Prepare for a Media Kit

A press kit, often referred to as a media kit, will act as a set of promotional materials that will help in providing information about why your app is the best. In making a media kit, you have to include review guide, photos, videos, screenshots, icons, and logos.

Use Influencers

An influencer will help you endorse the app. This will skyrocket the hype for your app. Journalists and industry leaders can help do the endorsement for you. If you are unable to get an influencer, you can use tools like Klout and FollowerWonk.

Use Beta Testers

Beta testers will help in improving the quality of your app. They will empower the marketing strategies that you require in launching the app. Testers will assist in providing you with information about your target audience.

Optimize Your Listing on App Store

For your app to be popular, it needs to have a good rating in the app store. You need to have the right app name, description, visuals, and keywords that users will use in searching for your app.


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