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How To Effectively Use WhatsApp Marketing Platform To Improve Sales? | Whateven
How To Effectively Use WhatsApp Marketing Platform To Improve Sales?

By: @David_Neeble


With more than 1.5 billion users throughout the world, WhatsApp can be a great platform to market a brand and gain new customers. In today’s scenario, WhatsApp is being used by people of almost all age groups. Corporate firms, school, institutions, etc. are using the app to communicate with their employees, customers, and students. The app has a reach in most parts of the globe, facilitating enterprises to expand their market base and reach the new target audience.

WhatsApp Business was released into selected markets and has been designed exclusively for business enterprises. By using the API integration services provided by many companies, enterprises can access WhatsApp Business from their computers via a web application. The cloud platform provided by the companies allows the support staff to handle multiple chat conversations from various computers at the same time.

By using WhatsApp marketing platform, enterprises can take care of the following aspects.

  1. Promotional Messages
  • We cannot emphasize enough the need for effective promotions. Having an efficient marketing strategy is essential to building business enterprise and generating sales.
  • There are many tried and tested ways to promote a product or service. Using the internet and social media is one such strategy that is resulting in improved brand reach.
  • The advancement in technology has made WhatsApp a household name. The app is seen in most of the smartphones.
  • Users are seen spending hours chatting with their loved ones and exchanging information about their lives.
  • By using WhatsApp to send promotional messages, the chances of attracting the customers’ attention are high.
  • Moreover, the interactive interface allows enterprises to send and receive messages in the form of text (of any length), audio and video files, and documents (brochures, catalogues, etc.)
  • Links to the website can be included with the messages, and WhatsApp provides the users with a preview of the website for each link.
  • Using high-quality images to share the details of a product will attract customers and encourage them to ask questions to know more or to buy the product.

    2. Cross Promotions

  • Cross-promotions is a technique in which users who use similar products by different brands are sent promotional messages about the products.
  • The messages are suggestive and gently nudge the users to try the same product produced by the enterprise.
  • Offers, deals, discounts, coupon codes, etc. are exclusively offered to users to try a different brand.

    3. Personalized Bulk Messages

  • Messages can be personalized according to customers’ purchase history and product preferences.
  • Users are labeled into different groups based on their choices and special deals are sent only to the specific groups.
  • User name, name of the city, birthday and anniversary greetings, payment reminders, etc. can be customized and sent in bulk with a single click.

    4. Schedule Campaigns

  • Promotional campaigns can be scheduled in advance for the coming days.
  • Actively promoting a product or service would mean sending recurring messages to users based on a pre-fixed timetable so that users will not feel irritated yet will remember the product or service.

   5. Increase Transactions

  • Convert more campaigns and promotional messages into sales by allowing users to make purchases from within the conversation.
  • Finalizing orders and confirming them, accepting payments, providing alternate products or services, etc. are some of the ways to increase transactions and generate sales.

   6. Use Chatbots

  • Chatbots are special software created using artificial intelligence to provide instant automated replies to customer messages.
  • Bots can ask questions based on customer replies, and provide them with standard replies.
  • This is done to keep the customer engaged and allow the support staff to step in and switch over to live chat.
  • Bots are also used to send a sequence of instructions as messages to newly registered users.

   7. Provide Improved Customer Support

  • Happy customers will be loyal customers. They will prefer to stay with the business rather than find a new one. 
  • By providing customers with timely services by asking their queries, resolving their complaints, etc. enterprises can ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied. 
  • Implementing customer feedback, thanking them for their time, etc. are a part of the process. 

  8. Help Customers with Product Discovery

  • There will be times when customers cannot find the product they are looking for.
  • Assisting them immediately, providing them with all the required information, asking them if there is anything they need to know can boost sales and create a positive impression.
  • Handing over the leads to sales agents and fixing a meeting to finalize the purchase can be done through WhatsApp conversations.


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