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How To Choose The Type Of Coverage That Suits Your Car? | Whateven
How To Choose The Type Of Coverage That Suits Your Car?

By: @DaisyAndrew


It is very important to know about the various coverage types of a car insurance policy before applying for it. Yes, many of you may know that you should have car insurance... but do you know exactly what type of insurance policy is suitable for your purpose? 

Here are the details I cover about the various types of Car Insurance Coverage. It is up to you to select which is an exact match for your requirements

Liability coverage

Liability coverage is a must-have for all the U.S citizens as per law. By bad luck, if you get stuck with an accident and you hit somebody, then this insurance coverage helps you to pay money for his/her medical bills. This is compulsory insurance that you must have in order to drive a car in the U.S.

Collision Insurance

This collision insurance helps you to spend the money on your own car or the other vehicle when an unfortunate accident happens. Note, that you can use this insurance to replace the car vehicle parts and do service for the vehicle. But the accident should be proved to the insurance company according to their rules.

Comprehensive Insurance

This insurance gives you some extra freedom for the cause of an accident. This insurance covers you even if your car is affected by a climate change, or a disaster or simply an animal attack. So it is better to get this insurance.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Usually, if someone hits you accidentally, you got covered by the other person’s insurance to recover your damage. But, what if he doesn’t own insurance policy? This also happens sometimes... So you will get protection from this Uninsured Motorist Insurance in that scenario.

Under-insured Motorist Insurance

This digs deeper into the uninsured motorist insurance. Even though the other person who accidentally hit you has liability coverage, it will not put you under the safe zone. You may have extra expenses at your own risk. So, in order to cover this, you have to get for Under-Insured Motorist Insurance.

Medical Payments Coverage 

Without concerning who is responsible for the accident, this Medical Payments Coverage helps you pay your costly medical bills. 

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

This is must-have insurance in my opinion... because; let us say you lost your job for one year because of an accident and it followed medical treatment. This insurance will get you covered by the 80% of the costs that is originating from the medical and other different costs that occur to you. The only thing is that your accident should be liable according to the laws of insurance.

Gap Insurance

A car worth will rapidly decrease as the years pass by...  so this insurance enables a driver to cover the expenses in the case where it becomes a complete loss or a theft.

Towing and work protection 

Towing and labor insurance protection may repay you for a tow and for the labor expenses to fix your vehicle. 

Rental reimbursement insurance

Rental repayment protection helps you to pay for a rental vehicle when your own car can't be driven after an accident. 

Classic car insurance

Someone who is passionate about collecting classic car models, this insurance is applicable for any damage to the classic cars.

If you don't have car insurance, it's essential to get insurance at the earliest possible. Also read Geico car insurance review to get the idea, what suits you the best with the low-cost price.


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