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How Many Times Has Goku Died? (Complete List) | Whateven
How Many Times Has Goku Died? (Complete List)

By: @Hani

For those looking for a quick answer, Goku has died a total of two times. Once when he was fighting with Raditz and once against Cell.

First Death:

Goku's first death, against Raditz, was when he sacrificed himself to hold Raditz and took the Special Beam Cannon. If you actually think about it, it was Piccollo that killed Goku and NOT Raditz. Goku and Raditz both took the attack, and it resulted in the death of both characters.

Raditz Goku death

Second Death:

During the cell games, as cell was fighting the Z Warriors, Cell got thrashed by Gohan. He found no other way to defeat the Z Warriors other than self detonating which would have destroyed the entire planet. Therefore, Goku without hesitation holds Cell and uses instant transmission to teleport to King Kai's World. This causes Goku, Cell, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory to die from the blast.

Goku death

The funny thing is that Goku got resurrected, obviously, while King Kai still has a Halo because no one resurrected him. There are a few funny moments about this in Dragon Ball Super which I highly recommend you watch.


You can also say Goku died with his second round fight against Hit in Dragon Ball Super. However, Goku anticipated that and fired a Ki Blast to the sky which came back and restarted his heart therefore resurrecting him.


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