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The Top 6 Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees | Whateven
The Top 6 Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees

By: @SocietyBuzz

College is expensive so you want to get a degree that pays for the expenses. Finding the best degree to get has its flaws though; you might find yourself with money, but not satisfied with your job.

Ultimately, you do have to stop and think before you declare your major. We’ve researched these degrees and compiled a list from bottom to top to show you the different college degrees that pay.


6. Nutrition


Love food and good nutrition? Well, nutritionists surround themselves with just that. They advise and tell people what to eat and what not to eat. It seems easy and not that much of a struggle right? Well once you get your nutritional degree you can start making $55,000/year. Not bad. The growth of this industry is at 21% and you don’t even have to rely on a career to pay your bills, that’s because you can open your own nutritional clinic.

It’s not the highest paying degree out there, but it could be the easiest college degree you could get with that kind of salary. Most engineering jobs start off at just barely $55,000, and the amount of work you have to put into Calculus doesn’t seem worth it. This is why we are ranking this degree at number 10 of the highest paying bachelor degree.


5. Computer Engineering

Now to start off our real list. Computer engineering is a degree and idea of creating computer hardware and chips for them to function in machines. They use some programmatic skills and mostly circuitry to build useful computer parts. It sounds difficult and that’s because it is. We wouldn’t recommend this degree to anyone not interested in circuitry and computer architecture.

The starting salary for a computer engineer looking for a job is at $66,000. The in-class struggles seem to be worth it at the end based on the pay. Making computer engineering one of the best bachelor degrees to get!


4. Finance

finance degree

How does this rank better than computer engineering you may ask? Well, in order to be a budget analyst that’s what degree you need. It seems like not a high paying degree, but the world is all about supply and demand.

Budget analysts typically make $69,000/year and the effort put into such a degree is not bad.

So what do budget analysts do? They typically organize the finances of private and public institutions. Sounds fun dealing with money right? That’s really what you’ve been studying in school the whole time!

As we progress deeper in this list, you’ll see that the degree doesn’t need to be high paying in order for you to get a high paying job.


3. Mining Engineering

mining engineer

Mining engineers extract minerals from the Earth using various technologies. They have to have some sort of understanding on how to obtain Earth minerals without damage being resulted.

A student typically studying for a mining engineering degree must go through rigorous forms of mathematics and chemistry. After that, 79% of people who work with their mining engineering degrees find that their job changes the world.

So if you want a degree that makes you happy in the long run, here’s one for you. The average starting salary is $71,000. Which makes it one of the best college degrees to get!


2. Computer Science

computer science

There is a very high demand of computer scientists around the world. From their app making, to their website building. Computer scientists are needed greatly because their supply is so low.

Even though computer engineering is a bit more circuitry, computer science only tops it because of the low supply of workers. With a salary of $74,000 a year, it’s no wonder getting a degree in computer science pays off greatly!

The beauty of this degree is not just in the secure job placement once you graduate, but in how easily you can become a freelancer. While you have a full time job, you can actually work on projects on the side. You can build websites/apps for people and get paid for it. Two incomes easily at your hands.


1. Petroleum Engineering

It’s all about oil. Your car, your lawn mower and even the plastics that you use. With this degree, you can land a job as a petroleum engineer. What do they do you may ask? Well, they’re involved in almost all the stages of oil production.

There are many top paying college degrees, but this one is very unique. The need for oil is increasing and won’t go away anytime soon, so big oil companies are paying big money to get people stationed and ready for the black gold production. A petroleum engineer can be paid as much as $101,000 to $168,000 per year.


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