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Elements Of Website Architecture And How To Prep Your Website For Holiday | Whateven
Elements Of Website Architecture And How To Prep Your Website For Holiday

By: @David_Neeble


Trying to build an SEO friendly website without the right architecture is like putting up a building structure without a foundation.

Even the best design firms in Minneapolis will find that there may still be a thing or two they need to learn about website structure. So let us start with the basics here.

Understanding Web Architecture

This is the way the website is arranged with the end-user and web crawlers in mind. It is a structural organization that will help the user find and navigate through the website. Search engine crawlers also use the architecture as a guide to easily find relevant content.

Hopefully, you can already see why the architecture is important not just for the end-user but also for the website owner. So the question now is how to set up the perfect SEO friendly architecture?

Have a Site Map

For the benefit of the crawlers, you should have a clear sitemap. Google encourages this as one of the best practices since it shows crawlers where to go as they search for particular content. A site map directs the crawlers to the right pages to crawl for particular content and brings to their attention any updates made on pages.

Establish a Safe and User-Friendly Experience

The search engine is interested in giving the best results to the user as user-experience plays a big part in determining if your site is the best result. Pay attention to features like:

- Secure browsing with https protocol
- Fast loading speeds
- Mobile-friendly pages
- Easy navigation

URL Structure for SEO

A number of things contribute to SEO friendly URL structure, these include:

- Short and easy to remember URLs
- Keywords in the URL should be descriptive
- No session ID in URL
- Words in the URL joined with hyphens

Elements of the Site Structure That May Need Tweaking

Sometimes the site may already be up and running and you may want to improve its performance. The following tweaks can help:

Duplicate Content Must be Removed

There are different aspects of duplicate content that you may need to address but one of the most common is having both www and non-www pages being indexed which end up registering as different websites to Google but with the same content. Use a 301 redirect to solve the problem.

Address Technical Architecture Problems

You can use Alexa to get a clear picture of the technical functions of the site and see which problems need to be addressed. A site audit can give you a detailed report.

Structure of the Site

If the site does not have a good site map, you need to restructure it so that the bots can easily find pages on the site. You should also remember that having too many redirects can affect the crawling of bots.

Even after you have implemented all these, you still need to keep on monitoring performance so that you know if there is a need to tweak some more elements and you can see if you have done a good job so far. And you need to get this all right before the holiday season commences, and here are some tips to prep your website.

Have A Plan

Holiday purchases are not always pre-planned. A good number are spontaneous and impulsive. E-commerce websites are often the shopping platform of choice for a number of shoppers due to the convenience they offer. With this in mind, it is time you took a step back and evaluate your business plan to gauge its readiness for this sudden upsurge in online shopping that is predicted to happen annually.

Do you have the right products in your product portfolio to make the most out of this season? What have your clients opted for in the past? Have these consumer patterns been consistent or have they been changing over the years? Are there items that you are looking to clear before the advent of the new year? How have you gone about your sales in the past during this season? What has been your success rate? What have your competitors been up to? Is the price point of the various items something that can be adjusted?

Answering these questions will give you much-needed insight into the necessary changes to be made in your strategy and your website in general.

Update Your Product List

The holiday season means that you need to put your best foot forward if you are hoping to make the most out of it. This means that your product list needs to be fresh and updated. Put forward the products you are hoping to sell more of. It also pays to give attention to and revamp where necessary the product descriptions to reflect the festive mood. Sales during this season, and any day really, are fuelled more by emotion than any other factor. It, therefore, pays to phrase your product descriptions in a way that alludes the joy and cheer of the holiday season to the end-user of the product.

If the price point is something that you have revised then be sure to highlight this. Bargains will tend to draw the crowds because who doesn’t like a bargain? Also, be sure to highlight the various Christmas and New Year related packaging options.


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