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Door Locks And The Types To Get For Your Place | Whateven
Door Locks And The Types To Get For Your Place

By: @DaisyAndrew


Door locks have always been a necessity but of late, these have become an aesthetic element too. Given that locks need to gel with the overall door strength and design, door locks are carefully chosen these days. Over time, these have come into vogue with numerous design options. However, the best way to pick a door locks is to always consider your security requirements first and then look for matching up with the décor and feel of a space. Taking a look at various types of door locks will help you buy a door lock with the best fit. Below, some types of door locks are discussed:

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Mortice Door Locks

Mortice door locks are the most basic type that is widely used. These are present for use across any type of door and meet the set standards of building locks too. Your insurance documents will see enlisting of this lock type since it meets the compliant standards. You need to operate such locks using a key for both closing and opening functions. The best feature about this kind of lock is that it is tough to break up and is sturdy. The durability can be pinpointed on the presence of about five levers that stand marked up on the lock faceplate. 

Nightlatch Door Locks

This type of door lock is popularly known as secondary locks. These come in the standard and the deadlock variants. The standard category of such door locks uses an auto-lock mechanism except for when you make use of the inbuilt snib for holding the lock on the back. The deadlocking variant makes use of an auto-lock feature but requires a key for opening the door from outside as well as inside. The latter category is of course, more secure and sturdy too. However, the night-latch must not be the only locking system on your doors.

Multi-Point Door Locks

This category of door locks is generally used on doors made from UPVC. This system of locking comes with three basic unbuilt lock points. They lock up one after the other as you turn the key. These door lock types are best used in external doors. The locks use different types of carollers, pins or hook bolts. The simultaneous locking mechanism makes sure that the lock is sturdy. 

Cylinder Door Locks

This kind of door locks is found on doors in apartments. You will need to make sure that the model you use is compliant with your home insurance provider. This is because a number of models in this category stand extremely vulnerable to lock snaps. The locks are friendly towards both external and internal usage. They are smooth to install too and is compatible with even composite material doors. Once your compliance issues are taken care of, you can go ahead and make a decision as to what type of cylindrical door locks you can invest in.

Sliding door locks

Sliding doors are a dream on the design front and therefore, there exist door locks specially made for such styles. Especially for patio doors, you need a specific style of door locks. This is because there is a greater chance of such doors being simply broken in via lifting off the sliding channel. Make sure you invest in this category of door locks only when there is a multi-point locking system present. Additionally, you may be needing a device for anti-lift.

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Key-Operated Bolt Door Locks

This lock type is mostly used on external doors and is popular because they can be surface mounted for fitting. However, the strength of these door locks depends on the screws used.

Now that you have a fair idea of the most common types of door locks, you can go ahead and make an intelligent choice. 


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