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By: @Pankaj


There has been a long time since you have bought a place to live and finally it is the time to settle and turn it into a home. But what, does it look a clean place with just walls and nothing else in the space? Well, it should be that way only because not it’s our job to make it look like a proper and loving home. We know it’s not an easy task especially with a limited finance and even more limited resources. But don’t worry. We are here to help you, in this article, we have 4 DESIGN SECRETS TO TRANSFORM YOUR HOUSE INTO A HOME. Here you will get the real tricks to transform your house into a home. They are easily to apply and will work for all the kind of house, small or big never matters. So let’s see these top tricks to make house more beautiful.

  1. Mix up the things: - When we say mix up the things, we don’t mean to mix things at random or anything at any place. At the same time, mixing never gives the idea of certainty so you need to adjust with the things you can use for the mixing but here you get to have the basic ideas of how and what to mix. When you design the room, you can do two things, either plan it with same patter or merge more than one. I would recommend you more than one try two or three. This enhances the creativity and keeps you away from getting bored of a single design. Also mix the decorative. Use both old and new, ancient and modern, expensive and inexpensive. This trick is great for the design as well as the finance thing and both the factors cannot be neglected by us. In addition to this you can easily buy furniture according to your room space online using Pepperfry Coupons with great offers.


  1. Plan the small rooms wisely: - One of the trickiest things for you to maintain the house into a home is to keep maintaining and utilizing the space you have. It is a truly difficult task even if it does not look like one. The first and the wisest choice is to get a light and bright color to small rooms. Bright colors make your room loo a little larger. This is what we call illusion. Next step for you is to keep limited furniture in the room. Manage the space. In small rooms, it gets important to keep things on their specified places or they may look untidy. Another thing that you can do is to use smaller furniture this will give you more space for your living with very fine mesmerizing looks. The small room can play a major role in the beauty of the home so never neglect it even a bit.


  1. Make proper use of stuffs you have: - There are so many things that you may have neglect or might not have the proper ideas about how to use them. It is important to utilize the resources we have. One of such things is mirror. You might have never thought about using mirrors for designing your house but believe me they can play a major role in it. You need to search and find the one mirror which is suitable for that particular space. Never settle with the old designs everyone has been using for years. Choose different design for rooms and bathroom, for adults and children. Also, you can add hanging pots at different sections of your home including kitchen and hall. Another very important thing is electronics and books. Placing them at the right place can turn your space into a complete beauty. So just be specific about the things you choose and where to place them.


  1. Do not try to copy: - whenever you visit your friend or relative or may be a colleague, you may fall in love with the design of their house or something unique they have done to their home. Specially being a female and having the responsibility of keeping the home beautiful, we female are eager to copy thing but believe me it is not a good thing. Consult someone, adapt the design or concept, modify them and select suitable replacement according to your house and them apply it to your home. Never copy the thing just the way they were at some other place.  It is more important to be unique and special in a different way. We may not be the best, but we will be something different which others are not and cannot be without our help. In addition to this if you are looking for Latest Bank Note Press Recruitment then it could be best chance to try it.


Now that you are aware of all the major factors that can make your home more beautiful, it’s time to plan them a little more and apply them to turn your home into a complete beauty.



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