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Top 8 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries | Whateven
Top 8 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries

By: @StrangeBuzz

There are things that happen in this world that leave people wondering what exactly happened, how and why. Some of them just seem really impossible and we can barely imagine them happening.

They are weird, creepy and strange, and sometimes even terrifying. We are going to share the top 8 creepy unsolved mysteries in the world.


8. Hinterkaifeck Farmstead Murder

Hinterkaifeck Farmstead Creepy mystery

In the year 1922 in Germany, six people were murdered at the Hinterkaifeck farmstead. The deaths were unclear how they were killed, but it was strange and did scare the entire population.

There were hundreds of people interviewed about it, but none of them were giving useful and constructive information about the causes of the deaths. On top of that, there was no person arrested for the murders.

There were stories that the farmstead was being haunted, and even the maid that used to work there had left 6 months earlier before the incident. Authorities took a bit of time before knowing about the incident, but surprisingly, when they came they found something strange.

The cattle and livestock there were well fed recently. They found no evidence of how this happened. Over the past week, nearby residents reported that there was smoke coming out from the chimney of the farmstead, but there wasn’t a trace of a person there.


7. Earth’s Dark Object

Earth's dark object

It is believed that there is a mysterious object around the earth. This object is suspected to date back to 13,000 years. The object is known as the “Black Knight”. Despite the fact that the object is dark, it is said to have beamed signals towards earth.

The name was invented years back, and the discoverer of the object is unknown. The reason why he/she named it Black Knight is also a mystery that is lying unsolved.

Astronauts find it pretty hard to imagine how it was named years back and yet there were no objects that went in space. In fact, NASA approximates that it was only about 60 years ago that the first object went in space. So how did they know about its existence?


6. Hessdalen Lights


These are some strange lights that apparently have been reported to appear in a valley in Norway since the early 1940’s. They are usually bright, white or yellow, and their origin is unknown. Their appearance is very interesting as they stand or float above the ground.

During the summer of the late 90s, the lights would appear 15-20 times per week. It has been reported that the appearance of the lights has decreased, with them only showing up about 20 times per year.


5. Sky Trumpets

Sky trumpets creepy unsolved mysteries

When you hear the sounds of a trumpet playing, you imagine an instrument being blown and sound coming out, but you’d never think the sky was making that sound. That’s how creepy this mystery is.

There have been reports of trumpet sounds being played all over the world, but no one can explain how. It is estimated that the music lasts for a couple of minutes, but the origin of the sound is unknown.

Theorists have tried to explain the phenomena, some answers include tectonic plates grinding and/or atmospheric pressure. Some have gone as far to claim that they are biblical events like the “Seven Trumpets of Heaven”.


4. The Falcon Lake Encounter

Falcon Lake Encounter

A creepy occurrence is reported to have happened in a lake in Canada. There was an unidentified flying object (UFO) looming around, and allegedly appeared on the 20th of May, 1967.

A person named Stefan Michalak, who was on a short holiday in Whiteshell Provincial Park, which is just near the lake, claimed to have witnessed the event.

He allegedly saw two cigar-shaped objects descending, and unexpectedly, one of them actually landed near him. He said that he “sure saw a door open” and even heard some voices from the inside of the object. He immediately spoke to it in the languages he knew, including English, but weird enough there was no response at all.

He apparently got his hand burned as he struggled to scrutinize the “colourful glass” that was around the object. Terrifying enough, he said that he saw grid-like exhaust vents inside, which even expelled gas that burned his clothes.


3. La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa Mystery

La posada de santa fe mystery

Every hotel has an untold mystery. This resort in New Mexico, which is considered as one of the most historic hotels in the area, was once a 6 acre estate in 1932. It was then later converted into a hotel.

The estate was built in 1882 by a prominent resident, Abraham Staab, who was married to a woman named Lucia. They had 7 children and unfortunately lost their 8th child not long after its birth due to an illness.

They tried to get more children, but Lucia had several unsuccessful pregnancies. She became depressed and was withdrawn from life. It is said that she spent most of her last years isolated in her bedroom.

Sadly, the lady died on May 14, 1986 at the age of 52. When the Staab estate became a hotel, their room became Room 256. 

Many people have reported seeing the ghost of the woman, even employees and visitors. Some people have heard voices from inside the room, despite it being empty. The creepiest of all? The phone operators have disconnected the telephone line in the room, but the phone still manages to ring.


2. Salish Sea Severed Feet

Salish Sea Severed Feet

The shores of British Columbia, Canada and Washington, U.S.A have had some strange discoveries, but the strangest of all? Detached human feet appearing on the coast. Not just one foot or two feet, we’re talking about a dozen feet!

New feet appear every now and then, but no one knows where the feet come from. The most recent feet discovery was on May 6, 2014.


1. Mysterious children’s death

This unsolved mystery is very terrifying, and especially given the fact that it involves young innocent children’s lives. It is reported that the parents of 10 children woke up at about 1:00 A.M and found that their house was on fire.

They successfully saved five of the children, but as they tried to save the remaining other five, weird things started to happen. First, they could not find a ladder that was able to help them climb upstairs. The father of the children also tried to get his two trucks in order to save them, but they could not even start.

Trying his best to save them, he went to fetch some water from the rain barrel and strange enough, it was all frozen. He tried to call the fire department several times, only to receive no response.

His neighbor even called and after getting through, the fire fighters took a long while to get to their house until 8 A.M, about 7 hours after the fire’s ignition.

What is more terrifying about this mystery is that even after the fire department investigated the burnt house, they could not retrieve the kids’ bones. They were all burnt to ashes.

They could not even identify the cause of the fire, and upon guessing that it was a wiring problem, it turned out that the light bulbs were all still working.


There are numerous weird things that happen world-wide, some that we hear about and most that we do not. All the same, the number of unsolved mysteries is huge, and we can only hope that the list will grow shorter with time.


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