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Cleaning Roman Blinds, The Right Way | Whateven
Cleaning Roman Blinds, The Right Way

By: @katewestall


There are different ways by which you can amp up the look of the windows. Curtains have always been the favorite choice, but with the advent of blinds, we have seen a rising usage of these blinds. One such pattern is the Roman blind. They look elegant at your window and are one of the most popular choices for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and dining areas. They are a great way to blend within the interior design scheme and enhance the window dressing and looks. The best part about blinds is that they are comparatively easy to maintain, but only if you invest in good quality blinds. You should take care of the roman blinds which look vibrant and are easily customizable. If you want them to keep looking great for an extended period of time, all you need to do is take good care of them and keep them clean.

What are Roman blinds made up of?

Some of the common materials that are used for making Roman blinds are cotton, linen, silk, suede, or wood. Some of these materials are washable, while others need to be taken care of while cleaning. So, when it comes to cleaning Roman blinds, you need to take care of the material of the blinds. However, it is possible to clean the roman blinds at home, and the simplest way is to vacuum clean with a special upholstery attachment. However, keep in mind that different fabrics of the blinds require different treatments and you may need to go for dry-cleaning Roman Blinds.

Here is some expert advise on how to clean Roman blinds:

  • Vacuum once a week: One of the easiest ways to clean the blind is by vacuuming it. You can do this once a week and can retain the look of the blinds.  Regular vacuuming gets rid of loose particles of dirt from the blinds and removes any dust. Make use of the crevice attachment to clean the deep folds and pleats. Use a downwards motion to brush the fabric of the blinds carefully and pay special attention to the edges of the blind.
  • Spot Cleaning: If you have Roman blinds made up of cloth-like linen or cotton, then there is a possibility that it might take up stains if you notice such spots then you must make sure that you should clean it immediately. Use a spot removing solution and a damp cloth to get rid of those stains. Be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the stain. Use a clean damp cloth to remove the stain by rubbing gently until you see the stain fading. However, some of the stubborn stains will need a special fabric stain remover for removal.
  • Embroidered or quilted blinds: It can be a challenge cleaning Roman Blinds fabric, and the blinds can be quilted, embroidered, or carry a fringe. Make use of a microfiber cloth and handle the fabric with great care. Use a dust repellent to remove any dust from the fabric of the Blinds. Or else, you can also take the assistance of a professional cleaning service provider who will help you in the same.
  • Steam cleaning: There are blinds that do not tolerate water well and hence need to be steam cleaned. However, one should clean them carefully as very high temperatures can scald or dampen the material of the Roman Blinds.
  • Washing in the washing machine: Cleaning Roman blinds that are heavily soiled takes more effort. They can be placed in a washing machine with detergent. One should handle them carefully and use a mild detergent and avoid spinning or tumble-drying. Remove any plastic attachments before placing them in the machine.

Wrapping it Up: The most reliable option is, of course, is dry cleaning Roman Blinds or hire a professional cleaner to do the job. Still, ensure that you handle the blinds to the right company and let them know about any cleaning solutions that are not to be used. Blinds are experienced and you would not want to hand over the task to any company. Look for the right kind of service provider and check their reviews before availing their services.  


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