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Very Bizarre Solar Eclipse Superstitions | Whateven
Very Bizarre Solar Eclipse Superstitions

By: @StrangeBuzz

Not So Fast!

India fasting solar eclipse

It is believed by some in India that eating during a solar eclipse is impure. Some believe that food might even be poisonous. In this Indian blog, it states that “There is a distinct change in the way cooked food is before and after the eclipse.”

It states that anything on the planet that has moved from its natural condition will deteriorate very fast. The solution? Fast and pray you don’t get too hungry to eat.


China's Evil Dragon

China solar eclipse dragon

Another superstition example resides in the Chinese text books, when ancient Chinese civilizations thought that an evil dragon living in the solar system was responsible for devouring the sun.

In order for them to make the dragon puke out the sun, people gathered to make loud noises to scare the creature away. Since the sun came out the next day, the people believed that their tactics were working.


Pregnant Women 

Pregnant superstition

One surviving solar eclipse superstition involves pregnant women. It is believed that in some cultures solar eclipses are dangerous to fetuses and their mothers.


In order to prevent anything from happening, women stay inside to avoid any harm. In the event the mother does come outside, it’s believed that the baby could have facial deformities and/or birth marks. 


Hide the King!

Henry Solar Eclipse

Started in 1133 A.D with the British King, Henry I, solar eclipses were considered a nightmare. Coincidently, Henry died the night when there was a solar eclipse and after that the world believed that it was a bad omen for kings or emperors to be out during a solar eclipse.

Fast forward to 2134 B.C and it is still a serious issue; that is because during that period two astrologers failed to predict the solar eclipse and were relieved of duty by having their heads cut off.


Straight Not Crooked

Pakistan solar eclipse

In order for babies to have straight joints, some pregnant women in Pakistan were told that they should lie straight in bed during solar eclipses. Shafia Bhutto, a doctor in Pakistan, tells that a woman from a few years back was distressed because she looked at an eclipse while she was pregnant.


The reason for her distraught came when her baby was born with a cleft palate. Strange enough, it was never picked in the ultra sounds.


The Jesus Miracle

Jesus solar eclipse

The gospels describe that the skies went dark when Jesus was crucified. A sign of a miracle to believers that God was unhappy, but it is believed that during that time period there was an eclipse.

Astronomer Johannes de Sacrobosco wrote in his book that “the eclipse was not natural, but rather, miraculous and contrary to nature” In the reformation study bible, it states that “This was a supernatural darkness.”


No Miracle!

In 632 A.D, an eclipse happened during the death of Prophet Mohammed’s son Ibrahim. It has been record that the eclipse was a miracle to mark the death. Strange enough, Mohammed disagreed and insisted that eclipses were nothing but a natural phenomena.



Solar eclipse

The only thing that isn’t superstition and is very real is the fact that you should never look at the sun during a solar eclipse. Staring at the sun will cause damage to your eyes if not blindness. Have fun and always wear glasses when watching solar eclipses.


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