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9 Transgender Celebrities Nobody Knew About | Whateven
9 Transgender Celebrities Nobody Knew About

By: @CelebNews

Hollywood is filled with transgender celebrities, but we've made a list of those that nobody knew about. So Caitlyn Jenner is not on this list! 

By the way, is Julia Stiles transgender? No, she's not! Had to point that out because a lot of people ask this question!

1. Caroline Cossey

Caroline Cossey

It's almost hard to tell that Caroline used to be a man.

She tells the Huffington Post that she knew she was a bit different as early as four or five years old when she didn't fit the stereotypical boy.


2. Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono Hollywood transgender celebrity

Chaz has been identifying as male since the late 2000s. He believes that before he came out he was just lying to people.

He thinks how he is presenting himself right now is the truth.

Currently, Chaz is a transgender advocate for equality. 


3. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox transgender celebrity


She's best known for her acting in Orange is the New Black. Laverne has used her public image to advocate for LGBT rights.

She is so openly transgender that in 2014 she became the first transgender woman on Time Magazine.

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4. Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova

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If you were given a picture of Jenna, you would never think she was transgender. In fact, she's the first transgendered contestant in the Miss Universe Canada pageant. 

The reason for her being the first contestant is that the pageant once had a ban against transgender women, but that ban has been lifted thanks to Jenna's legal battle. 


5. Claudia Charriez

Claudia Charriez transgender celebrity

She was almost America's next transgender top model, but, unfortunately, she was disqualified in the semi-finals round.

Her disqualification was because she was not born a biological female.

The sad story of Claudia does not stop there. She was involved in a legal case against her partner, who was a firefighter.

Her partner allegedly attacked Claudia. Read more about the story here.


6. Erika Ervin

Erika Ervin

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The reason why Erika stands out from most transgender celebrities is because she's really TALL. She is 6'8" and is deemed to be the tallest transgender in the world. 

She came out and told her family about how she didn't feel like a boy.

They reacted by shutting off all forms of communication with her. Today, she has her own friends that she calls family.


7. Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie transgender celebrity

Known as the first man to give birth, Thomas stunned the world after revealing he was pregnant.

No one knew he was transgender until he pointed it out. 

Beatie was born a girl, but decided to be a man at age 23 when he started taking hormones.

He kept his reproductive organs and has now been married twice!


8. Janet Mock

Janet Mock

Janet went through a lot of trouble to become a woman. First, she lived her life to age 18 as a man. She knew it wasn't the real her.

While her friends were getting presents on graduation, she only wanted one thing...to be a woman. 

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She also had to travel 6,000 miles to undergo a sex-change operation. Today, she is the editor of People Magazine.


9. Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst


Known as the bearded woman, Conchita is a very famous Austrian transgender celebrity.

She has won multiple awards and is known for her Eurovision singing achievement. 

Conchita also tried making a boy band and it worked for a while, but the band later proved unsuccessful. 

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Zeke Smith transgender

Behind that mustache is the Survivor actor Zeke Smith. In a fiery episode, Smith was called out by fellow classmate Jeff Varner as being transgender.

Varner, who immediately hugged Zeke after calling him out, was sent home.

Zeke points out that it was a struggle to forgive Varner, but he did anyway. 


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