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9 Creepiest Websites On The Internet (Complete List) | Whateven
9 Creepiest Websites On The Internet (Complete List)

By: @StrangeBuzz

 #9.  Plane Crash Info

Plane Crash Info

Planecrashinfo.com is a library of black box voice recordings taken from devastating and tragic plane crashes. The recordings range from the 1960’s till present time.

What’s so creepy about these recordings is that you can feel the pilots’ anguish as they look death in the eye.

What makes this website even more creepy is that they have a collection of last words taken from the most frightening crashes, including the 9/11 tragedy


 #8.  Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Creepy websites

Sounds like a website for tourists, right? Partially, the website is named after a bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida. However, the site’s purpose is to showcase the amount of suicides that occur on the bridge each year.

Before you enter, there’s a warning to people that get “offended easily” or “who are dominated by political correctness” to leave now.

Source: skywaybridge.com


 #7.  The Last Meals Project

Last meals project

Before a criminal on death row is executed, he/she has the small pleasure of feasting on a meal of their choosing. This site has detailed reports of each inmate’s last meal. On top of each inmate picture, is a clipart of what they ate.

Some request nothing to eat, while one person requested a bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers.

It sounds silly until you find out these images are of actual people that died by lethal injection, electric chair, or hanging.

Source: lastmealsproject.com


 #6.  Human Leather

Human leather

One of the most disturbing and creepy sites on the Internet, Human Leather does what you think it does. They provide an assortment of products created from human matter.

They receive the human material from corpses who have donated their bodies. They craft the human torso into belts, wallets, and even shoes. Prices for these products can range in the thousands.

The company argues that what it’s doing is perfectly legal and humans have used human leather since the 17th century. The website has a reputation for being one of the freakiest; yet, open sites on the internet.

Source: human-leather.co.uk


 #5.  Texas Executed Offenders

Executed offenders

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a page where you can view all the death row’s inmates last words. Ordered by execution number, inmates say their last words before they are executed.

This page is crazy because it gives you a taste of what runs through the head of a person who is looking at death’s door.

The state of Texas still executes major criminal offenders so the site is updated periodically.

Source: Texas Executed Offenders


 #4.  Housecreep


Ever wonder what kind of creepy things are in your area? Well Housecreep accomplishes just that! Enter your address and find haunted houses, creepy apartments, and other shady areas near you.

Source: Housecreep.com


 #3.  Magibon


In 2006, a vlogger YouTuber by the name of “Magibon” started uploading videos of her just staring into the camera. Surprisingly, her videos ended up being very successful raking up millions of views.

Strange enough, in 2015 she stopped uploading videos. No one knew where she went, but this is where the story becomes creepy.

Magibon.com is a creepy website that showcases a man with a gasmask on rolling around on the floor.

Freaky dolls and insects flicker on the screen while the video is set on loop. In between these disturbing scenes, images of Magibon are flashed on the screen.

Source: Magibon.com


 #2.  Zombo.com


One of the creepiest websites on the internet, Zombo is a site that depicts a loading spinner spinning and spinning forever. While you’re on the site, there is a male carnival voice that plays in the background.

The longer you wait, the more compliments you get from the voice

Source: Zombo.com


 #1.  Web Ouija

Web Ouija

A creepy and famous board game, Web Ouija is the Internet’s version of the game. The website’s version suggests that it can talk to the dead.

Users can ask a question by typing into an input box; afterwards, the cursor starts moving to show the answer.

Asking the web board game if the site’s creator, Mike Hall, is living will reveal a shocking answer. “NO”.

Want to play the game? Follow our Ouija board rules and questions not to ask Ouija board!


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