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5 Common Air Conditioning Problems | Whateven
5 Common Air Conditioning Problems

By: @robertjohnson


With climate change now affecting most of the world, living without an HVAC system during both summer and winter is becoming impossible. Repairing air conditioning equipment is expensive, and the best way to keep it in good working order is to maintain it well. Below are five common issues that’ll require assistance from an air conditioning repair service:

• Lack of Cool Air

If the air conditioner is on but you don’t feel any cool air coming out of it, several things could be causing the issue. The most common causes are dirty filters, low refrigerant levels, or outside heat being too intense for the system to work. A service engineer will clean or replace dirty filters, and if the system is low on refrigerant or coolant, they will refill it to the recommended level.

• Immovable Fan

Your HVAC system’s fan may not be rotating because it burnt out. When humidity levels are high, excessive condensation may lead to water-drainage issues that could eventually damage the fan. Unless you’re familiar with repairing drainage machinery, contacting HVAC contractors would be a wise decision: they can diagnose the problem and get the fan working again.

• Strange Noises Coming from the Air Conditioner

People tend to think that air filters are dirty or blocked when air conditioners start making strange noises, but such noises could be caused by worn-out parts like belts or motor bearings. Puzzling sounds like pinging and rattling can usually be corrected without expert help; in most cases, these sounds are caused by a loose metal flap in the duct or a loose cover panel. If these aren’t the problem, call an expert who can identify the problem as well as replace or repair broken parts.

• Incorrect Thermostat

An improperly-calibrated thermostat has a tendency to show wrong readings and will not maintain the temperature you have set. If your air-conditioning system has such a thermostat, then check if it needs to be recalibrated again. You could also replace the thermostat with the latest digital thermostat, one that’s more accurate.

• Leaky Unit

Condensation on the AC is not uncommon. But if the drainage system is not working properly, it can get clogged and start leaking from odd places. Or the condensate pump itself could stop working. When such things happen, clean both the condensation drain pipe and sump pipe system, and then check the electrical connection to the pump. A heating and air repair expert can do this job for you.

Buying a new AC and installing it can be an expensive process, and your system may require expensive repairs if it’s not maintained properly. Make sure your AC is working well with an annual maintenance plan. These plans help you protect your investment.


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