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3 Reasons Why People Love Bill Murray | Whateven
3 Reasons Why People Love Bill Murray

By: @robertjohnson

How many actors in Hollywood do you know who work without an agent? How many are practically unreachable and still considered iconic? In an industry where a larger-than-life ego is practically a job requirement, Bill Murray is famous for being refreshingly humble and relatable. Thousands of people can recount Murray stories demonstrating his down to earth attitude. Here are some reasons that speak to why he’s one of the coolest stars out there:

1. “My only problem is that people now feel they should document their life rather than live it!”

The above quote was said by Murray to Hadley Freeman, a British-American journalist and Guardian columnist. Everybody and anybody who knows Bill Murray will tell you he’s someone who loves random adventures. Some of these adventures include giving a toast to strangers at a bachelor party, photo-bombing an engagement photo shoot, and reading poetry to construction workers! Murray’s interactions are never planned. For Bill, it’s all about enjoying life, living every moment, and doing whatever comes to mind. Don’t believe me? Google search “random Bill Murray stories” and you’ll quickly find hundreds of stories that have to do with Bill Murray visiting random places for the purpose of making people feel special.

2. “Opening the door for someone behind you is as important as designing a building.”

Bill Murray quotes are legendary. Murray’s behavior isn’t above reproach—there are several people out their who find Murray’s behavior reprehensible. But Murray takes no issue with these allegations. He admits he can be difficult to work with when he doesn’t like who he’s working with, but he says you have to know how to treat people properly before you can expect good treatment in return. He is one person, on a very short list of people, who has given a permanent blanket license to the Chive—they can use his photographs for whatever they wish. Murray knows the Chive’s community works with charities and people in need of financial assistance. If you see a funny t-shirt with Bill Murray’s face on it, remember that it’s authentic and licensed merchandise from the Chivery!

3. He Is a Cultural Icon:

Bill Murray is on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and numerous other items! There are Bill Murray bumper stickers and women’s graphic t-shirts that say “Bill F*cking Murray”, and there’s even wall art inspired by his quotes. His likeness is insanely popular for pop culture-inspired gift ideas, and he is revered by thousands. He’s as real as it gets, and his ideas regarding living life to the fullest ensure that people never get tired of him.


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