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3 Reasons Why Mystery Shopping Helps Improve Customer Service | Whateven
3 Reasons Why Mystery Shopping Helps Improve Customer Service

By: @robertjohnson


Businesses continue to spend millions of dollars on keeping their customers interested, mainly because they want their customers to stay away from the competition. Along with other aspects, customer service plays an important role in the success of any business. Effective customer service helps build trust, ensures positive brand awareness and appeals to prospective customers. In a recent survey conducted by McKinsey, which looked at the impact of customer service across various industries, it was found that around 70 percent of a customer’s journey is based on how they perceive they are being treated. Another study by American Express found that around 90 percent of Americans consider customer service to be a deciding factor when doing business with a company.

But how does one improve customer experience? What things are going on in customers’ minds before, during and after a purchase? What is the biggest point in a sale process that needs addressing? Mystery shopping not only helps with a competitor analysis, but it also assists with accessing what’s deep in the mind of an average customer. At SeeLevel HX, we have helped hundreds of customers, including Fortune 1000 companies. Additionally, several of our campaigns have helped companies improve their customer experience. Here are a few more reasons regarding how mystery shopping can help with user experience.

• We Help You See Your Business at the Level of Your Customers.

A mystery shopper is just like any other shopper—they visit a store or order something online, they pay for the purchase and they leave. But unlike a regular customer, mystery shoppers make and jot down observations. They observe employees in the storefront, they assess employee behavior and they evaluate the entire sales experience. The evaluation forms are customized to match individual client requirements, and they are extremely detailed so that no vital information is missed. The feedback forms are designed to ensure there’s very little room for subjective bias.

• We Help You Evaluate Staff Performance.

You would expect businesses to not inform their employees about any mystery shopping program they are planning. But that’s the exact opposite of what we advise our clients to do—employees ought to know about mystery shoppers. Firstly, this knowledge keeps them vigilant. It also helps build trust; after all, you wouldn’t want to receive feedback from a mystery shopper who visited the store while you were having an exceptionally bad day! The results of a mystery shopping program can be used as a reference when planning a training guide. These results could also be used by the human resources team for hiring future employees.

• We Can Help You Improve Your Online Customer Experience.

A recent survey found that around 75 percent of customers engage and prefer online support if it is reliable. Around 57 percent of customers first search for a product online. From including better quality photos and detailed descriptions of your products to offering multiple contact options, there are several ways you can improve your online customer experience. A mystery shopper employed to review your online support services can see whether your brand is easy to find online, and they’ll also check if your email communications need improvement. They can even check to see if your product descriptions appeal to buyers’ emotions.

When it comes to business, nothing matters more than good customer service. With mystery shopping, you can easily and efficiently make improvements to the customer service end of your business.


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