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11 Crazy Facts About The Presidential Limo | Whateven
11 Crazy Facts About The Presidential Limo

By: @TechBuzz

Presidential Limo

President Obama's Car. 2009 Cadillac One / "The Beast"

Now that Obama's out and Trump's in, everyone is about the presidential limo. Also known as the "Beast Car", the limo is packed with features you'll only see in movies. But is the car really that big of a deal? Well, when you're carrying the most powerful person in the world around it kinda is!

So how does Obama's 2009 Cadillac car differ from other cars? Well let's start the list and you'll see exactly how!


#1. 8 inch doors

8 inch thick doors that is. The presidential limo is so well-built that its armored doors are as heavy as a 757 Boeing aircraft cabin door. The windows are also 5 inches thick and they cannot be opened. Except for the pilot driving the car, who can only open his window 3 inches.


#2. Armor-plated gas tank

The gas tank is armor plated and filled with a specially designed foam that keeps it from exploding. If a person decides to shoot the gas tank, it will not suffer any damages.

The gas tank will be opened a lot though. That's because the fuel mileage on the Beast is 8Mpg.

Before we go any further, we wanted to let you know it really isn't a gas tank, but a diesel tank. President Obama's car runs on diesel. It's important to note that because once the Beast actually broke down in Israel when it was fed gasoline instead of diesel. 

 President Obama's limo broken down in Israel


#3. Defense system

In case the president comes under attack while riding The Beast, defense mechanisms are in place to prevent anything from happening. Night vision cameras are installed at the front of the limo and pump-action shotguns are also included in a compartment beside the driver.

There are also tear-gas cannons and rumored grenade launchers to control a group of people from attacking.The cabin is also completely sealed in case of a biochemical attack. The tires are also puncture resistant.


#4. President's blood

On top of the defense system, are safety precautions just in case anything goes wrong.

The president's blood is included in the trunk of the car just in case he becomes wounded. The compartment also includes oxygen tanks and firefighting equipment.


#5. It will keep moving, even when punctured

In the event the tires become damaged (very rare event), the presidential limo can still move. Not only can it move, but it can move at high speeds to escape any danger. The specially designed steel rims and a flat device allow the president's car to move with ease.

Here's a quick fact: The presidential limo's tires are as big as school bus tires!


#6. It travels with the president

The presidential limo comes with its own private plane to transport it to the countries the president is travelling to. So if the president is in France, it'll be right there beside him.

When the president is coming out of his private plane, The Beast will be parked right there in front of him when he gets out. Why? For added protection, The Beast can be used as a shield in case the worst happens.


#7. Classified information

The technology behind the 5 inch thick, bullet-proof windows is classified. The weight of the car is also classified.

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#8. Moving steel fortress

The car is a moving steel fortress, literally! It's made of steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic. A steel plate also runs underneath the car to protect against bombs or grenades.


#9. Driver technology

The driver of The Beast is trained by the U.S secret service to manage with the most extreme driving conditions. This includes strategies like escape, evasion, and quick 180 degree turns.

The driving compartment contains a standard steering wheel, but the dashboard contains a GPS tracking system and also a communications system.


#10. Rear seats

In Obama's version of The Beast, it has a built-in satellite phone to communicate directly with the vice president, the White House and the Pentagon. It has a panic button to call for help and also a laptop. With the laptop, Obama can stay connected safely with on-board WiFi.The presidential limo can also seat 7 passengers.


#11. Obama out, Trump in.

Every four years, a new presidential limo is made with new specifications. The old limos get handed down to the vice presidents and visiting heads of state. What about Trump's limo though?

A new 2017 presidential limo will be rolled out soon, in the meantime Trump is using Obama's old limo. When Obama took office, he was handed a new limo. Why isn't Trump's limo ready? Well GM isn't done building it yet even though they signed contracts worth of $16 million back in 2014. Until then, Obama's legacy is still riding the roads...this time with a new passenger.

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