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Terms of Service


Welcome to Whateven.com! We’re happy to see you’re using our services. These services are provided to you by Whateven and these terms are the official terms for general use of the site. Depending on how you make use of the site, other terms will be shown to you. If you are a publisher/advertiser/writer, you are agreeing to these terms and other respective terms that have been shown to you.

By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read carefully.

Usage of Services

Whateven.com is a social and entertainment media website, where we write articles to entertain the user. Please understand that you as a user (anyone who uses our website) must fully accept our terms. By using our services you agree to NOT:

  • Post messages that are considered offensive, racist, threatening and/or illegal.
  • Hack, interfere, disrupt, inject and/or cause damage to any part of our website/servers.
  • Impersonate any person or entity
  • Disrupt and abuse our users' experience with malicious attempts.
  • Threaten, blackmail, and/or injure any user/webmaster
  • Spam/send multiple requests to us
Failure to comply with these restrictions will lead to the termination of your account with us and/or I.P banishment. This does not limit us to prosecute by the court of law. If you abide by these terms, you are one of the many users that make our site great.


You are agreeing to the TOS that you do not bypass any restrictions that are provided above. You are agreeing and making a contract between us (WHATEVEN) and you (USER). Failure to do so, WILL result in the suspension of our services, but is not limited to the contact of authorities in the court of law. Please note that we do acquire some information about you (USER), to read more about the information that is acquired, please click here

Copyright Infringing

The Whateven logo, name, and asset images are ALL owned and protected by Whateven. Suspected infringing will result in suspension from our services, but is not limited to the court of law. Articles contain different kinds of media, ranging from video to images. We are protected through copyright prosecution through the public domain. Other forms of media that are not in the public domain have been credited for. If you find or suspect something is copyright infringing, please contact us immediately. More Information about article contents and other copyrights can be found by reading our DMCA policy here.

User Content

Some content on Whateven is user created. This means that the user creates the content and uploads it to Whateven.com servers. We thoroughly check and verify that all user content is non-copyright infringing, but we cannot be accounted for missed checkups. The user is held liable for the content they create, and if there is any copyright infringement we will take down their work. This is not limited to content that we find offensive, racist, threatening, and/or illegal.


We are not held liable for any user submitted content. The content that the user submits is THEIR (user’s) content. The user should adhere to the terms of submission before submitting anything to our servers. Any suspected copyright infringement can be filed for a solution by contacting us or the user. If you decide to contact us, we’ll make sure to notify the user about the works. If the user commits countless copyright infringements, we’ll suspend and terminate the user from Whateven.com.


We hold the right to terminate our relationship with you. We also hold the right to suspend you from using our services if we find that you have broken your agreement with us. Please note that termination is not limited to the contact of authorities if needed. Your agreement with us is a contract and any bypass from this contract will result in suspension or termination.

About These Terms

We may change or modify our terms for any reason necessary. You should periodically look over this agreement between you (USER) and us (WHATEVEN). You are responsible for any changes made, but please take notice that we will notify you when a change has been made. Some changes won’t be applied automatically others will. Please note that the changes that don’t apply automatically will be applied within 14 business days. If you believe that you have any conflict with these terms, please discontinue your use of our service.

These terms control the relationship between Whateven and you, the user. There are NO third party beneficiaries agreeing to this agreement.

Thank you for making Whateven.com the way it is. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.



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