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Innovative Elements Of Website Design That You Must Notice | Whateven
Innovative Elements Of Website Design That You Must Notice

By: @JuliaHendon


More than 70% of the shoppers online judge your website with your business website design.

They are quick at finding the errors and why not, the current generation of shoppers are closer to the technology and developments.

Before ordering anything online, they make sure that they have researched about it well. They are judgmental, who want quick results.

It definitely means that the website owners must buckle up and stay in touch with the trending design techniques to create bigger brands. To provide the flawless experience to these web savvies, here are the list of changes that you need to adapt to your website as well.

1. Approach minimalism

There is no secret to creating a website where the visitors only focus on the products/services that your business offers. There is a simple step where you can help the customers to focus on the motive of your business.

Create a website design that is simple and clean. It will promote easy navigation of the website without wasting their time. In addition to this, it inspires the UI/UX developers to come up with the eye-catching design to attract more customers.

2. Too much micro-interactions

The most developing trend that the websites are experiencing are the additions of the micro-interaction in the website design. But what are these?

Micro-interaction is a small engaging event on the website to enhance the user experience.

The developers often ask the importance of these microinstructions on the websites. The most common answer that they get is micro-interactions make a website unique. Along with providing smoother navigation, they help in making the user interaction with the website better. The micro-interactions also grabs the attention of the user making the visit a delightful experience.

3. Add Hamburger Menus

The web users are impatient. So, as soon as they land on the business website, they want every information on it within minutes. To make the entire website accessible from any page, Hamburger Menus are used.

Hamburger Menus also called as Navicons are the best options for the designers as they allow a clean and simplistic website design. They have been there in the design world for a long time to enhance the usability of the business website.

4. Say yes to the video content

Video content gives a new dimension to the website. Also, there is no need to prove how much people love the videos because these are not only effortless but also powerful to explain the objectives of the business in absolutely no time.

So, the reputed search engines give priority to the video content, making it important for the website to add them to the design. Therefore, if you want the site to be easily searchable, placing videos on the website is the best way.

5. Utilize Modern Call To Action

The visitors browse different websites to get the relevant information. They need reasons to stay longer to your website or get converted. So, many times they are just there for the information they are looking for.

This increases the need of the impactful call to action to compel the visitors to do more than just grabbing the information. Adding them to your website design will help you to transform the visitors into leads and then to the customers.

6. Consider a mobile-friendly navigation

With the growing popularity of the mobiles, tablets and other handheld devices, it is clear that the website must not only be desktop friendly. People prefer the navigation of the websites on-the-go which compel the designers to consider the multiple devise friendly websites more. Doing so can increase the traffic of the website and also enhance the number of customers you get.

The user-centric website design approach has always been the priority of web designers around the world. They understand that customer is the king and convincing him for further action on the website is difficult. Therefore, they track which design trend works and which fails to come up with those design trends that are profitable to the businessmen around the world.

Therefore, try out these modern website design tools to make the most of the internet world and make your business successful.


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