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10 Most Shocking Facts About Disney | Whateven



10 Most Shocking Facts About Disney

The happiest place in the world isn't what it seems to be. Dive in and venture to a whole new perspective of Disney.

By: @StrangeBuzz

Published: December 17th, 2016 at 1:45 pm


#4 Crushed By Walls

Debbie Stone, an 18 year old girl, worked at Disneyland in 1974. She was working in the new attraction called "America Sings." This attraction had 6 stages that rotated around the center allowing for the audience to watch in the same position. Debbie was the person that greeted the guests. When the ride completed, Debbie got trapped between the moving and stationary walls. A guest heard her scream, but it was too late. When she was found, her body was already crushed.

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