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The Biggest Benefits Of PVC Strip Curtains | Whateven
The Biggest Benefits Of PVC Strip Curtains

By: @christinaw


PVC strip curtains can be found in many kinds of businesses, including farms, schools and nurseries as well as supermarkets, warehouses and restaurants. In essence, they can be found anywhere where the temperature needs to remain almost constant in one given area, or where pests need to be kept out while still allowing pedestrian or vehicular access. Strip curtains offer the convenience of acting like a door without the need to open or close. This is extremely helpful if passing through with vehicles, machinery or food.

Hygiene Benefits

One of the main benefits for PVC strip curtains in the food industry is that when they are positioned in the correct location, the strip curtain reduces the chance of any animals, birds, insects or other pests going through. When the pests are contained within an area, this helps to ensure that food areas stay hygienic, which can only help food-related businesses to maintain excellent health and safety certifications - a must in their industry.

Keeping Out The Elements, But Letting Light In

While a strip curtain is excellent at keeping unwanted animals out, it can also be great at keeping out the elements like wind, rain and draughts, as well as dust that can be carried with the wind. The curtain can help stop floors and stock being destroyed while access is still needed, and to prevent any draughts causing workers to feel uncomfortable while working within the area. However, if a clear PVC strip curtain is fitted, it will even allow the light to penetrate through the PVC to help with electricity costs or enable a business owner to forgo extra lighting.

Movement Within The Building

A PVC curtain also enables a clear visible exit through a barrier while allowing the area to be sectioned off with the curtain. The curtain can also help prevent accidents happening as it is clear and so when passing through the PVC strip curtains, you can see whether anyone else is entering or leaving the area at the same time. As PVC strip curtains are also flexible, they can help speed up the movement of personnel through the building as they will not need to stop to open up doors or gates. Instead, they are easily able to move between one partition to another with ease.

Noise Reduction

As well as keeping unwanted elements and pests out, PVC strip curtains can also be used to help reduce noise depending on the thickness of the PVC strips that make up the curtains. With noise levels reduced, this can help keep warehouse noise down from offices, for example, or farm machinery noise minimised from the animals, or a chill room refrigeration noise separate from the rest of the supermarket. The strip curtain will then help encourage workforce efficiency as there are fewer distractions for personnel.

Cost Saving Benefits

PVC strip curtains are easy to fit and maintain with a curtain rail and individual PVC strips. These curtains allow for a piece to be replaced individually if they become damaged, rather then the entire curtain. They are also flexible, effectively creating a barrier against the elements from either side of the curtain. If it is used in a cold room, for example, it will help maintain the temperature inside. This can save money on heating/cooling costs for specific areas of a building.

With all these benefits to a variety of different industries, it’s no surprise that many businesses are looking to replace the traditional doors in cold storage areas, and other partitioned workspaces with these flexible, affordable alternatives. Have you considered them for your business?


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