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Terrifying Ouija Board Rules (The Complete List)

Ouija board rules you should follow or else prepare for the worst! Complete guide to help you on your night of fright.

School Bus With 27 Kids Fell Into An Alligator Pond And Then THIS Happened

Every day is unpredictable and one cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. Especially an event like this.


10 Extremely Weird Religions

Sure, we shouldn't judge people based on their beliefs, but these faiths take it a little too far...


The Top 6 Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees

In college for money? These degrees are for you. ESPECIALLY #2.

10 Actors Everyone Hates To Work With

For these actors, it seems that the fame has gone to their heads. You'll be shocked by who #2 is!


10 Insane Celebrity Insurance Policies You Had No Clue About

Insurance is needed sometimes, but what these celebs insured is just insane!


9 Transgender Celebrities Nobody Knew About

From an impregnated man, to a bearded woman. Here are 9 transgender celebrities nobody knew about!

11 Hollywood Gay Actors Nobody Knew About

You'll be surprised by all of these Hollywood gay actors! #8 will make you think twice about it.

Wendy's Brings Its Beef To Twitter

The fast food company creatively made someone delete their Twitter account with a fired-up roast.

Top 9 Creepiest Websites On The Internet

The Internet supplies the world's information, but it's also home to the scariest and creepiest websites. Take a plunge in the deepest, darkest parts of the Internet.


7 Questions Not To Ask Ouija Board

Questions not ask Ouija board. Ever. Doing so could result in you falling prey to an evil spirit or demon.


Top 8 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries

Don't click if you're the faint of heart type. These 8 creepiest unsolved mysteries might give you nightmares!

Very Bizarre Solar Eclipse Superstitions

Many can't wait to see a solar eclipse, but these people absolutely dread it.

Terrifying Ouija Board Rules (The Complete List)

Ouija board rules you should follow or else prepare for the worst! Complete guide to help you on your night of fright.

10 Unwritten Rules Everyone Should Follow

You can get away with some things in life, but just don't EVER do #5!


10 Delicious Foods That Can Kill You. You Won't Believe #2!

10 Delicious Foods That Can Kill You! Find out which foods take your breath away...literally!


Top 10 Places You Never Knew Existed

Earth carries some hidden wonders, but #3 will blow you away!

Starbucks Is Giving Out Free Coffee For 10 Days

It's about to feel a latte more like Christmas.

9 Snapchat Hacks That WILL Change Your Snap Game Forever

Think you know Snapchat well? Guess again! Here are some hidden features only few know...


Top 10 Crazy 3D Printed Things

From cars to cameras, 3D technology is allowing us to build anything from scratch.


11 Crazy Facts About The Presidential Limo

Now that Obama's gone, here are 11 features the presidential limo carries for Trump.

15 Famous Movie Scenes Before And After Special Effects

It's rare to see what's going on behind the scenes in movies, but we've managed to compile a list for you.

Top 10 Best Cheap Web Hosting

Finding great and cheap web hosting can be difficult, but we've organized the best hosts in a top ten list.

What If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

A devastating scenario like this is possible and it's only a matter of time for it to happen


What If You Stopped Sleeping?

Whatever you do, just don't try it...